Weddings on Villa

For those who want to realize their wedding in the typical Venetian countryside, between the frescoed walls of an ancient Villa of the sixteenth century, reliving a dream a time to a select fiew.
In the heart of the Veneto, a few steps by Castelfranco Veneto, between the provinces of Padua and Treviso, this small Renaissance jewel, still unknown to many, but rich in history and charm, provides its spaces for refined and traditional weddings or more sophisticated american-style ceremonies.
Unique among others for its small size, its valuable frescoes and its magic, Villa Chiminelli offers a refreshing alternative to those who search an exclusive and intimate location, where you can breathe, walking along the street, not just the sweet smell of jasmine and lemon, but also art and culture. The air of the Venetian countryside, the colors of the garden and the green of the vineyard are then the unforgettable setting for the ceremony.
Refinement, prestige and elegance for unique moments. Lots of spaces and suggestive solutions; you are encouraged to visit the Villa to discover together the different opportunities.

Villa Chiminelli is now available as the location for weddings with civil ceremony. The ritual will take place either in the frescoed hall of the villa or in the italian garden, according to your choice. The major of the city or his deputies will celebrate the wedding. For any information about the burocratic aspects of the ceremony you can ask the “civil weddings” office of the municipality of Castelfranco Veneto.

Capacity 130 seats

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