The Internals

The Villa consists of the basement used as vaulted cellars, a mezzanine floor entirely frescoed , and the first floor, once used as a barn. For the relatively small dimensions and decorative elements, it falls into the category of vacation homes, hunting and typical literary pleasures of the architecture of the mainland, namely the “villa culture” of wealthy Venetians. The layout of the first floor, with the classic central hall, four side rooms and the ‘loggia’, reproduces the traditional Venetian plant. In the province of Treviso, there are several examples of this architecture, characterized by the sobriety of the linear scheme with vast tripartite openings. A two-storey west wing of the Nineteenth-century is connected to the villa at the mezzanine level, once called “Mesa”, and with the ground floor porch with courtyard gives access to the public road. Originally the entrance opened to the south paved courtyard and garden enclosed by a wall also frescoed, modified in 1800 on the west side to create a two-story barn. A chapel with a wooden altar of the fifteenth century, overlooks the entrance porch. The villa, recently restored, is equipped with winter heating and modern facilities, furnished with antiques and fine sculptures.

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